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4" square oil on canvas. The dog's name is Terry and he's currently in foster, awaiting a home.

The painting, for me, was just for fun. I may donate it to the rescue organization if they want it.

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Upside Hound, 7.5 x 10.5", pastel pecils and carbon pencil on paper. This is Indiana, lounging in her typical luxurious fashion.

I drew this yesterday and it is making me smile every time I look at it.

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10 x 8" study for Angel Number Six. Oil paint and wax medium on canvas.

large work in progress under the cut )
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54th and Bayfront
, 48 x 48", acrylic on canvas

By the time I painted this, in 1995, I'd had the image in my head for years. I think of it now as the starting point for a lot of the art I make now: I still have this restless energy, these colors, and the horse as symbol of power/fear/motion/courage all converging.

But I tried to destroy this thing, once.
Cut for the Rest of the Story )
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Outward Bound, above. Found objects with oil paint and wax medium, 7 x 9".

Screwy Little Houses, below. Found wood pieces, oil paint and wax medium, about 7" high.

I find stuff everywhere, all the time. Pick it up, take it home, it waits however long it waits until I figure out what to do with it. I had the things for the bird for over two years before I made that piece, but the Screwy Little Houses were created within days of my finding the wood bits.

Does anyone else out there do this, salvaging materials nobody else would want?

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This very sweet boy has been keeping me company while I work on a mural. He lives in the house where I've been working, you see.

Portrait of Peanutbutter, 12 x 9" oil on panel. By commission as a gift for his owner.

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Ziggy the Cat

7 x 5" pastel on paper; commission for a DW/LJ friend. I do these for a bit of extra grocery money.

This is mostly NuPastel and a little bit of Wolff's Carbon Pencil (black tones in the eyes and shading under/over some of the pastel in the fur). The paper is a heavy Strathmore Bristol, coated with acrylic medium that I mix with sienna/umber colors and a bit of pumice powder. It makes a brushy-textured, fine-sandpaper ground that's awesome for drawing on.
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Having spent an intensely frustrating few weeks in life drawing class trying to apply Loomis-style skeletal structure to live models, I've decided that the best way to overcome my problems is by hard work. After all, they say if you're having trouble drawing feet, you need to draw more feet. I figure the same thing applies to figure construction.

So for the month of November, starting this past Wednesday, I'm going to spend at least one half-hour session per day (preferably more) doing studies from George Bridgeman's Constructive Anatomy and Complete Guide to Figure Drawing. So far, I'm really enjoying it. Bridgeman's style is a lot looser than Loomis', and I find it a lot easier to comprehend on a practical level. At the end of the month, we'll see where I am.

I've been posting my sketches so far on my sketch blog, and I'd welcome any comments.

Anyone else here have any ongoing or monthly projects?
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